Who Are You?

2020-01-08 Release

A much-anticipated new album was released after about 1 year and 5 months since the release of the previous album "FULL MOON"!! The new album "Who Are You?" includes "BLUE SAPPHIRE", the theme song of the movie "Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire", "NAKED LOVE" from the digital single "SUPERMOON ~Sen~" which became a hot topic because of its impressive music video, the latest single "OVERDOSE" and 3 new songs.

Who Are You?

CD + DVD + Documentary Live (Sumapura available)



Who Are You?

CD + Blu-ray Disc + Documentary Live (Sumapura available)



Who Are You?

CD + DVD (Sumapura available)



Who Are You?

CD + Blu-ray (Sumapura available)



Who Are You?

CD (Sumapura available)